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Shanice switched her career to Salesforce

SHANICE Landed on 6-Figure Salary Job

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Clarusway is a Virginia-based IT training school. 

They’ve established a practical bridge connecting the world of research and theory with emerging industry trends. In the ever-changing, IT world, they continually update our versatile curriculum based on the latest technological advances.

Collectively, they bring more than 80 years of industry experience to Clarusway. Their program focuses on designing, delivering, and evaluating career-related programs for adult learners.

They sponsored the Unlock your talent in 3 steps program to help thousands of individuals who are looking for career switch to IT.


“To land a six-figure salary job just in 3 steps is a huge pledge, but it is real! I completed all steps and studied as I learnt from the program, and I landed my first Salesforce job just in 7 months. My previous job was just paying around 30k per year.”

Kate Bryant

Salesforce Administrator

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